Marine engines

(Products not sold in Argentina)


Key Features of performance

  • Automatic notification of water temperature and oil pressure improves safety.
  • Multi-pulley position to meet different requirements of accessories.
  • Power Sea Water Pump with Gears highly reliable and corrosion resistant pulleys.
  • Oil filter with rotary type design for easy maintenance.
  • Oil-water separator that is used to promote a higher duty cycle and protect the fuel system.
  • The engine exhaust manifold using external circulating water, and exhaust gas combines with the cooling to increase the cooling efficiency and minimize exhaust noise.
  • Four valves per cylinder, two intake valves and two exhaust valves to improve exhaust performance and injection. The injector is installed on the center line of the cylinder for fuel balancing pulse, and a swirl pattern of optimized injection.

Internal motors – (Products not sold in Argentina)


PD388M – KD488M




PD6134ZLM – PD6146ZLM

Inboard engines with stern drive (Products not sold in Argentina)


PD388MB – PD488MB