Marine generators

The best choice of solutions to the power system


The design of the series of generators Powertec is simple and compact. As is small, requires little space for installation, and can be installed anywhere on a boat.
In his attached bell sound all beforehand installed  connections are integrated, which ensures low noise when operating the machine and easy maintenance.

Independent cooling system for two channels
Sea water contains a lot of salt in high temperature damages the erosion of metals by electrolysis. As a result, the Powertec generator is equipped with a two channel water cooling system. The generator is cooled by the canal of fresh water and sea water comes into contact with the heat sink. The efficient cooling system ensures the temperature inside the soundproof housing and the cooling effect of the generators, which makes them work better in difficult environments.

Output high quality
Advanced AVR system has the functions of protection and low speed test electronic interference. AVR can automatically adjust the voltage and control voltage fluctuation at its minimum, ensuring that the ship power system, such as air conditioners and recharge equipment can work without problems.

Function of remote control
The Powertec generator is equipped with remote control function. Since the control command of the ship, you can monitor and control the operation of the generator in real time.

Safety and Reliability
The Powertec generator has complex protection functions such as low oil pressure, high water temperature, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, etc.. When these functions are not in their normal range, the generator will automatically stop.